Menu & Daily Specials

We have a selection of hot and cold sandwiches – mostly familiar and always with our spin on it. Short of the cheese and bread, all of our ingredients are made in house. The meats, the sauces, the pickles… all from scratch. Our bread is sourced from a Grano Bakery in Oregon City. The Gluten-Free Bread is sourced from White Rabbit in Aurora. Most of the cheeses are from TMK Creamery right here in Canby. We take pride in sourcing as much as we can as close to home as possible. When you are located in the heart of one of the most fertile places on Earth, this is possible, so we figure why not!?!?

Daily Specials

Today’s Soup – Smoked Pastrami Chili

Today’s Potato Chip – Habanero Cheddar

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