About Us

Two Crazy People open a Restaurant right before a Global Pandemic: Literally the Title of our Memoir.

Matt Morrissey is the Proprietor and Justin Rouse is the Executive Chef. Matt and Justin are both well-known faces in the Oregon food scene.

Matt, a Pacific Northwest native, cut his teeth in the bar and restaurant industry 20 years ago out in Boston, but has since brought his skills back to his West Coast roots, moving back to Oregon several years ago. Matt’s experiences as a restaurant leader, wine aficionado and bartender bring a level of excellence and comfort to foods, wines and brews that will add a new dimension to the Canby offerings.

Justin has been doing artisan cooking, menu design, and local sourcing around Oregon for just as long. Justin’s focus is on building exciting menus that feature local ingredients and new twists on old standbys like his house made chips and custom sauces.

Matt and Justin have worked to bring together a team of people focused on great service and exciting new options for locals and visitors.

We hope you’ll come visit!

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